America's Conservation Ag Movement

Louisiana Farmer-Led Field Day

June 27, 2024
Driftwood Farm
Iowa, Louisiana

Ready to Grow Conservation on Your Farm?

Learn how growers just like you are
finding success in their operations.

Join us for field tours, education around soil health, water conservation, greenhouse gas emissions reduction and growing healthy and sustainable food.
Includes free lunch from foods grown on-farm.

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field day event today!

Meet ACAM 2024 Conservation Steward

Hilery Gobert, Owner-Operator at Driftwood Farm

 Born on a farm in South Louisiana, Hilery was the eighth generation in his family to farm in Louisiana. As a student at Southern University and A&M College, Hilery began his lifelong education in agriculture. 

Hilery holds a B.A. degree in Government, a degree in Horticulture from Gwinnett Technical College and has many years of large market garden production experience. Hilery is also a Certified Permaculture Instructor, Georgia Certified Landscape Professional, PLANET Landscape Industry Certified Professional, Georgia Master Gardener and a Square Foot Garden Instructor. Hilery was one of the founders and served as facilitator of Gwinnett Tech’s Learn-In Farm.

Learn more about Hilery Gobert and Driftwood Farm.

Case Studies in Conservation

For Historically Underserved Farmers and Ranchers

Join America’s Conservation Ag Movement in a live, farmer-led networking event where you’ll hear the latest from experts and innovators moving the needle in conservation ag. 

Glean insights and meet other like-minded farmers and ranchers in your state at these interactive virtual events.


What’s the connection between conservation and historically underserved communities? Come find out at America’s conservation Ag Movement’s town hall for producers where you’ll learn about the connection between conservation and historically underserved communities!

We’ll share perspectives from local and national farmer-innovators, spotlighting what regenerative agriculture looks like on a thriving sovereign nation, as well as how some conservationist leaders are moving the needle in their communities, advocating for more inclusive agricultural programs.

“Together with our partners, we are working towards a more inclusive agricultural landscape, ensuring that ALL farmers and ranchers have equal opportunities to benefit from conservation programs.” – Sarah Blaney, Executive Director of the Oklahoma Association of Conservation Districts.

Register for Upcoming Virtual Peer Network Events

Join the interactive discussion and learn about this and other conservation practices and programs from local and national farmer-innovators at this 90-minute VPN event!

Speakers include:

  • Britni Beck,  Iowa Tribe of Kansas and Nebraska
  • Sarah Blaney, Oklahoma Association of Conservation Districts
  • Willard Tillman, Oklahoma Black Historical Research Project, Inc.
  • Jimmy Emmons, America’s Conservation Ag Movement and Oklahoma rancher
  • Andrew Lauver, America’s Conservation Ag Movement and fifth-generation Iowa farmer
  • NRCS technical experts and ACAM private partners

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