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America’s Conservation Ag Movement (ACAM) convenes farmers, agriculture businesses and the conservation community together around the future of farming by bringing profitable, climate-smart farming into the mainstream. We give farmers and ranchers a platform to share their journey, meet other producers on the same path and access the resources they need to undertake change.

Organized by Trust In Food™ and Farm Journal Foundation with technical and financial support from USDA’s Natural Resources Conservation Service, ACAM empowers collaborators to leverage Farm Journal’s nearly 150 years of market trust and farmer-to-farmer networks to accelerate adoption of climate-smart practices, products and technologies.

Three pillars provide the foundation for ACAM and help provide direct producer benefits


Coalition Building

We convene key links in the value chain including producers, farmer associations, agribusinesses, conservation nonprofits, food companies and consumers. We leverage these partners’ expertise and resources. This helps farmers and ranchers understand, value and feel capable of using climate-smart agriculture practices, products and services on their operations. We build momentum for legacy and emerging conservation agriculture programs. Our partners provide resources, technical support and financing expertise. This helps producers drive efficiency, grow profitability and improve market access to climate-smart information and programs.


Farmer-Led Learning

We identify, engage and recruit Conservation Stewards. These farmers and ranchers are dedicated to continuous improvement with conservation activities in their operations. Conservation Stewards assemble peer learning groups with other producers in various regions around the country. ACAM partners provide them with support including meeting organization and management, event facilitation, outreach and education, and more. These farmers and ranchers host shop talks, field days and other outreach events that give producers a chance to talk freely about natural resource needs, local barriers and opportunities for new management practices. There’s no better proving ground for climate-smart ag than working farms and ranches implementing these systems. And there’s no better advice than that of producers who are experimenting and learning every day what it takes to succeed with conservation.


Interactive Programming

ACAM captures and tells compelling stories about real-life farms and ranches using climate-smart ag. We don’t put a shiny coat of paint on them, either. We talk about the wins and losses, the opportunities and the challenges. Authenticity is key to successful conservation ag on working operations. ACAM provides insights on topics such as how to cut costs and increase profitability, strategies for improving resilience to weather, tips for mitigating erosion, approaches to maximizing water resources, paths to generating more free time for family and hobbies, and resources for maximizing other operational and agronomic benefits. These stories are supported by data and technical expertise of ACAM’s partners and network.

Funding and technical assistance for ACAM is made possible by our partners

National Resources Conservation Service

USDA is an equal opportunity provider, employer, and lender.

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